Dosi’s® treatments can be distinguished from traditional wellness treatments in that they take care of the person in a totally holistic way. This is through the use of exclusively natural products offered by Mother Nature herself.

Dosi’s® treatments, based on years of direct experience of holistic treatments, involve the identification of the state of the client at their various levels, such as the physical state, mood and state of mind, together with the energetic state. This is then used to activate one’s potential, helping to recover and maintain one’s forces and equilibrium.

Dosi's® Treatments:

  • Dosi’s Body Treatment – Holistic treatment on the entire body (1h 45′). It helps the body to stabilize its health and natural beauty, diminishing problems of cellulite and helping the skin to remain healthy and hydrated, slowing down the aging process. Relaxing and purifying treatment.
  • Dosi’s Face Treatment – Holistic treatment on the entire face (1h 30′). It involves a series of integrated holistic treatments for the cleansing and revitalization of the skin of the face, neck and upper shoulders.

Holistic Treatments

trattamento olistico

Currently Dosi’s® treatments are available in Yahawi Wellness Point in Merano