The balance between mind, body and spirit has been a constant feature in all cultures across the centuries.

Yahawi is the philosophy that helps us find this balance through harmony with the nature that surrounds us. It is an on-going search for balance and well being which we propose with the creation of:

yahawi® wellness points – high quality points of holistic wellness. The specific choice of our treatments and the professionalism of our personnel are the main characteristics of these innovative points of well being.

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yahawi® cosmetics – a cosmetic line highly respectful of the environment, of nature and with the main aim of enhancing the traditions and culture of the Italian Alps, an area rich in centuries-old traditions of natural and holistic well-being.

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Yahawi philosophy


YES  We are in favour of:

  • Wellness treatments, which look after the entire person holistically, using only natural products suitable for each specific treatment tailored to the individual.
NO  We are not in favour of:

  • Cosmetic products that contain substances based on hydrocarbons, synthetic additives, petrochemical perfumes, emulsions, mineral oils, silicates and animal testing.