On-demand Products

On-demand” product lines (on request). Lines of Natural Cosmetics / BIO and highly customizable BIO Air Freshener are part of integrated marketing proposals and available both with Yahawi brand and Private Label.
For these products a minimum order quantity is required per reference in relation to the type of project that the Customer intends to implement.
The offer for “on-demand” products is divided into:
Lines of products, with registered formulation and proposed with standard packaging ready to be marketed. Our customer can choose whether to purchase the product as it is or request customization of the formulation and / or packaging:
Helix Aspersa: cosmetic line based on Helix Aspersa extract, suitable for all skin types and in particular for sensitive skin
BIO Butter: nourishing cosmetic line based on organic BIO butter coming exclusively from pure fresh organic milk cream produced in controlled Altoatesine farms. Suitable for all skin types and in particular for dry and chapped skin
Calendula Montana: cosmetic line based on Calendula Officinalis. Suitable for all skin types, especially for delicate skin
Health: Phytotherapeutic cosmetics line, based on natural active ingredients, designed for the wellbeing of the body.
Plant Stem Cells: Cosmetics line based on Plant Stem Cells, vital “heart” of plants and a precious source of natural active ingredients, specifically designed for skin regeneration. Suitable for all skin types.
Organic Air-freshener: line of fragrances and diffusers certified environment BIO and based on the principles of aromatherapy.

Lines of products designed and developed based on specific marketing studies. Our team is at your disposal to speed up your time-to-market. This type of offer includes a minimum number of references and pieces per reference:

Edelweiss: cosmetic line based on Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum), suitable for all skin types.
World Scents: products designed to be used in the SPA, in wellness paths and beauty treatments.
Golden Beauty: exclusive cosmetic line designed for the most demanding customers. Particularly suitable to be proposed in luxury SPA
Italian Beauty: a dermocosmetic project born from the idea of enhancing the typical ingredients of some Italian regions.
Top Serum: a wide and complete range of high quality treatments for beauty and well-being. It represents one of the highest levels of innovation in cosmetic products.
Men’s Skincare: cosmetic project designed specifically for the characteristics and needs of modern man.
Healthy Children: specifically designed according to the specific characteristics of the child’s skin.

With the two proposals described above we think we have addressed most of our customers’ needs. To complete this, we have created some lines of high quality products born to address some specific needs of our customers:

Organic moisturizing scented waters: based on BIO alcohol, obtained from organic wheat crops, they are an excellent alternative to classic perfumes.
Green Coffee Line: Innovative natural cosmetic line, functional and highly skin-compatible based on Green Coffee.
Tattoo Line: Cosmetic line designed specifically for the protection of the skin of people who undergo the ancient practice of tattooing, in its various forms.
Anti Pollution Line, Sun Protection & Whitening: Natural phytotherapeutic cosmetic line, specifically designed to protect and repair the skin from the dangers of atmospheric agents.
Line BIO Detergents for Fabrics and Lingerie: Line of eco-sustainable BIO detergents for hand-washing and washing machine for linen, lingerie and delicate fabrics.
Our products do NOT contain parabens, PEG, silicones, glycols, petroleum derivatives, artificial colors and the fragrances used are Natural / Allergen-free.
Our products are manufactured following the guidelines of the association EWG – Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org).
For further details on this offer you can request the catalog at info@yahawi.com.
All our products included in the off-the-shelf offer can be purchased on our website www.shop.yahawi.com.