From immemorial time the search for balance between body, mind and spirituality has always been a constant element of cultures worldwide.

Yahawi is the philosophy that helps us discover this balance through harmony with the nature surrounding us. It involves a constant search for equilibrium and well-being which we propose with the creation of:

  • yahawi® wellness points – high quality points of holistic wellness. The specific choice of our treatments and the professionalism of our personnel are the main characteristics of these innovative points of well-being
  • yahawi® cosmetics – a cosmetic line created in full respect of the environment and nature with the main aim of enhancing the traditions and culture of the Italian Alps, an area rich in centuries-old traditions of natural and holistic well-being
  • yahawi® air freshners  – air freshener line based on BIO alcohol extracted from organic grain and organic plant extracts. To give to the work and home environment the atmosphere of health.



Born from the merger of the ancient traditions of the Italian Alps and the modern needs of day-to-day life Yahawi cosmetic products enhance the value of the high quality products of the Italian Alps, an area which for centuries has been rich in medicinal plants and cultural traditions associated with well-being. Yahawi proposes its products in modern terms, but respecting the deeply rooted traditions of the region.

  • Yahawi cosmetic products DO NOT contain parabens, PEG, glycol, silicones, petroleum derivatives or artificial colorants.